Who We Are

We are a small group of individuals making Android applications. We do it, because it is something that we greatly enjoy. We are all college students, doing all of this along side of our studies. Android development started as a hobby for most of us, and some would love to make a career out of it.

Our Mission

We want to provide useful, and unique products to the world. We strive to take ideas, and flesh them out as fully as possible. While doing so, we have one common goal; simplicity and usability. Technology should enhance your life, not be a burden. We try our hardest to put the user first, frequently taking steps back asking ourselves if we are making everything as usable as possible. We like to joke that if our mothers could not figure it out, it is too complicated.


Here are our currently released apps. There are no ads, because we hate them just as much as you do.

Pixbar - $0.99

Pixbar lets you have navigation buttons that resemble the ones on the Pixel. This is done without the need for a rooted device, as well. The general idea is that an overlay is placed behind the real navigation buttons, giving the illusion of them being filled-in.

Xpaper - FREE

Specifically designed for all Moto X models, Xpaper provides a collection of simple, abstract wallpapers that you can customize to perfectly match your device's configuration. Even if you do not have a Moto X, you are still welcome to play with the app to get some clean wallpapers for your non-moto.

nowPaper - $0.99

A unique, colorful new wallpaper app that provides your phone's homescreen with just the right touch of personality and feel. Choose between various landmarks and locations set in the iconic art-style of Google Now.

Blox - FREE

The game is simple. You are a block. You must maneuver that block through walls that have tapered holes in the middle of them. The game is endless, and set to an original soundtrack crafted by Allen Calmes.


Here are our apps that are currently unreleased and upcoming. Check back here to gain beta access when available.

TallyUp (Open Beta)

TallyUp is a simple application that allows you to create and participate in polls with friends. It can be used to settle where to eat for lunch or any other question that has multiple possible short answers. The goal here is a clean, well-thought-out design that is not too in-your-face. We believe we are almost there to share it with the world.


Aisle5 provides users with a simple and convenient way to keep track of their groceries. We accomplish this by offering a graphical catalog of popular grocery items. We place an emphasis on a graphical approach to promote our philosophy that pictures are more fun and memorable for users. Other grocery apps embrace a text input approach that is too much effort and unpleasant to look at for users. We believe that their approach is actually less convenient than using old fashion pen and paper.


Here is a little information on who we are.


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